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Auditions & Rehearsals


If the CCO has a vacancy for your particular instrument you can be asked at the discretion of the conductor to fulfill the audition requirements by attending and performing in a CCO rehearsal. Your audition rehearsal performance will then be reviewed by the conductor and the principal player of the orchestral section. You will be required to submit a letter of reference from an established professional musician or teacher, or proof that you have successfully completed university/college study on your instrument, or have had prior professional musical experience. If you cannot supply this documentation you will be additionally required to perform two contrasting solo works, or one work that contains sections with contrasting styles, that represent your playing ability.

If the CCO does not have a vacancy for your particular instrument you will be asked to prepare two contrasting solo works or one work that contains sections with contrasting styles that represent your playing ability.  Following a successful audition you will be placed on a reserve list of players and will be contacted as soon as a position in the CCO becomes vacant.

For more information and to schedule and audition, please e-mail us at auditions@charlottecivicorchestra.org or call the CCO office at 704-344-0098.


Rehearsals: Sundays from 5.45pm-8.15pm, room 300 Overcash building, CPCC downtown campus

Directions: Enter the Faculty parking lot off 3rd street. Exit the parking lot at the back; the Overcash building is the newer building to the left. Use the access ramp to enter the back, take a left to go to the front of the building. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor. Room 300 is immediately to the right once you exit.

Here is the map from CPCC's website: http://www.cpcc.edu/campuses/central/maps-locations-and-addresses